Community Outreach Presentations

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General Interest Topics

Eating Right. What's the BIG deal?

Key features of the presentation: The eating right attitude, GMO's.

  • What is best for Your health?
  • Processed Food: Where is the WHY?

Part of the key to living a great life is what we eat! What is the current science and research showing the many realities showcasing the quality of life and what we eat. Can eating right change your life? I changed mine in ONE day by altering my eating habits!

My Relationship with Jayne (a 1959 BRIGHT Pink Lincoln Continental)

Key features of the presentation: Learning new life lessons.

While living in Palm Springs, I owned a pink Lincoln. I had many adventures driving Jayne around the desert and rented her out for Special Events. It's intriguing what I learned about LIFE from that experience!

Topics for Audiences age 50+

The American Experience seen through the lenses of Vintage Postcard and Postcard Pop Art Culture

Key features of the presentations: This SERIES of presentations features historical trivia and fascinating information. They are VERY interactive and tailored for 50+ audiences. Lots of humor and bright visual graphics.

  1. History of Vintage Postcards in America. Highlights the beginning of US postcard collecting, starting in the "Golden Age" of postcards 1900!
  2. Patriotic Postcards showcasing "Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty".
  3. Comedy Postcards showcasing the amazingly humorous attitude of the American public depicted by America Post Card Illustrators 1900 through the present.
  4. Halloween is the most collected Postcard genre. Presentation includes the history of Halloween and how it is celebrated all over the world. Lots of goblins, witches, pumpkins, and Halloween trivia.
  5. Features the many Faces of Santa Claus on Vintage Postcards.
  6. American Pop art on Posters and Postcards. Talk features: Peter Max, Rock and Roll artists, record album art. Back to the roaring 60's!

Around the world from the Eye of a Butterfly

Around the world from the Eye of a Song Bird

All about Eagles

Jungleland -- revisted

All about Hummingbirds

All about Succulents

Personal Development Topics

Three big insights to consider when developing YOUR encore career
(Also available as a webinar)

Key features of the presentation: "Re-careering"

Many of us want to live an amazing life. Part of the journey is to re-career.

  • What are the new opportunities in the work force?
  • What are the key factors older workers should look for when re-careering?
  • What are the potential "danger zones"?

Roberta has met hundreds of people going through career changes, through teaching classes and networking. Her seminar is packed with valuable insight and information.

Create the Life You Want (and Deserve)

The Secret to YOU being Amazingly Happy

Key features of the presentation: Choosing Happiness

Happiness is a choice and attitude. This presentation shares my story: For over 10 years, I have been a primary Caregiver for an elderly mother and a disabled friend with a chronic illness. Also over the past 10 years, I have run a growing business. I will share with you what I have learned about this process, how it presented me with an amazing opportunity and HOW to do it while being personally happy. Simple!


Key features of the presentation: Life lessons

Find out what dolphins can teach us about the relationship between communication, listening, inner happiness and success.