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Promotional Ideas

Too many companies buy promotional products simply as marketing 'fillers'. They hand out products such as pens and mugs displaying their company logo and contact information, without tying them to any specific marketing program. That's not bad - it can help propogate brand awareness over the long run; but it's not the most efficient way of capitalizing on your investment.

The better way is to include additional information on or with the product, connecting it to a 'value-added' program that is the centerpiece of a marketing campaign. Here are some examples:

...and here are some specific ideas you might consider:

Safety Programs

  • Kids Safety
  • Internet Safety
  • Bike Safety
  • Internet Safety
  • Senior Safety
  • Driving Safety
  • On-the job accident prevention

Wellness Programs

  • Best Practices for staying well and healthy

Incentive Programs

  • Reward people for liking or joining Social Media Channels
  • Reward people for Reading Specific Information on a website, landing page or filling out a survey or form
  • Reward sales people for sales performance
  • Employee of the month rewards
  • Reward Employees for Executing Cost Savings
  • Reward people for Conserving Engergy

Customer Thank You Programs

  • Thank Customers for being a Customer
  • Thank Customers for Referring others to their business


  • TradeShow booth traffic building and follow-up
  • Branded Gifts to give out a business and Networking Events
  • Tools for Seminars


  • Do people know your business the instant they see you?
  • Staging for webinars
  • Tradeshow booth Decor